Met in Bryant park for an interesting Shoot. Rachel is a talented dancer and a beautiful model.


The Lens is the Brush, The Camera is the Canvas, the File is the Sheet Music and the Print is the Symphony

The Lens is the Brush, The Camera is the Canvas, the File is the Sheet Music and the Print is the Symphony Sponsored by Epson and Lexar

Amazing talk by  Vincent Versace

Every artist has an instrument. Painters have their brushes and canvas, sculptors their chisels and stone, dancers their bodies. All of these instruments are used to express the artist’s individual voice and vision. For the photographer the instrument is a camera, the brush is the lens, and the canvas is the ultimate expression of artistic voice and vision being the final image.

In this session Vincent will discuss the journey that he takes, or rather the journey that takes him, down the path of creating his images. From people, places and things, San Francisco to New York, Burma to India, infrared black and white to full-color visible spectrum, Vincent Versace will discuss his use of cameras, digital infrared black and white as well as the lenses he uses, the post processing choices and software he uses, and why he makes the choices he makes.  All focused towards one goal: the print. It is not about taking a photograph, but how to be taken by a photograph. 


Suspect Photography Workshops: West Village Photo Walk, Sunday May 5th 2013

Suspect Photography Workshops: West Village Photo Walk, Sunday May 5th 2013

by davidbrommer

Village Americana

When it comes to charming neighborhoods, New York City’s West Village is second to none. From turn of the century carriage houses to ornate brownstones and winding little streets the West Village has a romance all its own. This photo walk will culminate in the “secret garden” which will be in full bloom and offer exquisite photographic opportunities.

David will share his secrets to photographing great compositions and teach you to spot the elements that will help you capture this colorful and eclectic New York neighborhood. An emphasis on choosing repetitive elements to seek out and photograph will be encouraged to reinforce a project based thought process. This photo walk will set a great foundation for capturing, “Sense of place” and introduce you to the full potential of your camera.

Barrow Street

This Photo Walk will begin at a local Village café where David (and a few cappuccinos later) will show you how to properly set your camera’s functions to maximize this type of “street shooting”. You will also be given a “shoot list” to help you navigate and keep your vision sharp. DSLR’s, Digital Point and Shoots with override settings, and Mirrorless cameras are all welcome. Take this opportunity to learn your camera better, as David will be able to show you how to get the most out of the complex menu settings of a modern digital camera.

The lessons you will learn will be invaluable next time you are on vacation and roam about with your camera.

This West Village Photo Walk is limited to 10 attendees and runs from 9 am to noon. You are welcome to arrive at 8:30 am with a small portfolio (print or tablet is fine) to get some feedback on your photography.

This photo walk is rain or shine, and costs $79. per person. Please use the pay pal button to process the payment. Suspect Photography Workshops will gladly refund your payment in full if you cancel 3 days or more before the photo walk. Canceling two days before the day of the photo walk  will earn you a workshop credit for future workshops.

Studies in Light and Composition

Entrance to the secret garden

Village Characters

Any questions please feel free to contact David Brommer. David has taught numerous photo walks and attendees always walk away with some great images, new photographic ideas and most of all, fun.

Remember, the limit is ten attendees and this walk is going to sell out so jump in now and reserve your spot.